Why Starting a Hospitality Business in Uttarakhand can be a Profitable Venture?

A hospitality business, be it in any part of the nation, can be fruitful due to several reasons. In a country like India, where the hospitality sector is growing at a scorching pace and which is counted amongst the top-10 tourism markets in the world, there is a growing appetite for hotels, resorts, wellness centers, budget lodges, etc. The market for other ancillary categories such as tourism packages, MICE operators, logistic companies, F&B businesses, etc.

Amongst the popular markets, the state of Uttarakhand which is perched on the Himalayan ranges and is known for scenic beauties, thick eco reserves, exotic landscapes, and popular spiritual destinations, is among the thriving tourism industries.

So, if you plan to go ahead and invest in a hospitality business in Uttarakhand, then you have made the correct decision. Being a beautiful state in itself, Uttarakhand has a lot to offer. From beautiful, scenic views to an array of food options to explore, Uttarakhand has a lot to offer tourists throughout the year. Not just that, but with time, its connectivity has increased to a great extent, making it a more promising location to invest in.

In 2022, close to 49 million domestic tourists visited the state of Uttarakhand or the UK. This indicates a recovery in the market after the disruptions caused during the pandemic. Meanwhile, close to 55,000 international tourists visited the UK. The recovery in foreign tourist inflow is relatively moderate.

Mentioned below are the factors that are driving the tourism industry in the UK.

Scenic View with Beautiful Mountains- Choose the location for your business that gives your visitors a mesmerizing view. The state is all about beautiful mountains, terrace farming, tourist attractions at the most exciting places, etc. Just choose a place where you can offer the visitors a calming yet scenic view from the room window. Be it a hotel or hostel service, if you are choosing to invest in a hospitality business in Uttarakhand, then keep the location easily accessible and surrounded with utmost beauty.

It should be noted that alongside hotels and resorts, the homestay market is also thriving in the state.

Fret Not About Connectivity- With time, the state of Uttarakhand has become quite convenient to reach via road or air. Today, this place has become a long-weekend getaway for people residing in Delhi NCR due to the improved road connectivity. It is around a 4 hours’ drive to reach Dehradun, from Delhi via the Delhi-Dehradun expressway.

Roadways bus service, private Volvo buses, cabs, trains, two-wheelers, etc., can be accessed easily. Not just that, if anyone wishes to fly by plane, then they certainly can without a second thought, as through the airport at Dehradun, the region is seamlessly connected with the rest of the world and India.  All this connectivity is made better to promote tourism in the region, on which the livelihood of many people resides today.

Popular Tourist Spots- From Dehradun to Haridwar to Nainital to Rishikesh, Uttarakhand state has many popular cities for visitors to explore. The piousness of Haridwar and the beaches of Rishikesh make for a perfect weekend getaway for wanderlusts in Delhi NCR. Uttarakhand has the most exciting and popular places of tourist attractions, which are not far from each other. A hospitality business in any of these cities is bound to flourish. Just make sure you keep up with quality service and experience. 

Various Kinds of Tourist Activities in Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand state is no less than heaven on land with easy accessibility and connectivity. The potential of sightseeing, adventure activities, wildlife, and nature’s beauty it offers is immense. The whole state is spread in many cities, each of them being popular for something or the other. Come, let us make your Uttarakhand trip extravagant with information on what the top cities of the state have to offer you-

Sky Walk in Dhanaulti- Located 2-3 hours (approx) drive from Mussoorie, the calming hamlet of Dhanaulti will persuade your adventure-hungry soul. It might feel tough in the starting, but as you begin walking on the rope with a robust harness, you’ll get amused by the spectacular views of the Himalayas. Especially in winter, the snow-covered mountain tops of Dhanaulti are glorified with snow, and the skywalk is the best way to witness snowflaking in the Himalayas.

Explore the Wilderness at Jim Corbett- Jim Corbett National Park is one of the earliest wildlife sanctuaries in the nation. Recognised in the early 19th century to preserve the endangered Royal Bengal Tiger species, this ecotourism place is worth exploring. The national park has an ecosystem that implies the Himalayas. On a safari, there are possibilities to witness over 400 species of plants and 500 species of migratory birds. Apart from the vicious Bengal Tigers, predators like Leopards, Pangolins, Himalayan Black Bears, etc., can also be located in the park.

Kayaking in the Ganges- Cross the river way on the specially designed – Kayak with a double-blade paddle to stroke the river rapids. Kayaking in Rishikesh will inject a fever of adrenaline into you! You can kayak at varying water levels extending from lower to higher grades. This innovative adventure sport in Rishikesh is great fun to experience during summer when the Ganges water flow is secure and low. You will be kayaking under a professional’s guidance so make sure you follow what they ask you to and avoid any accidents.

Sky Cycling in Rishikesh- All of us have tried cycling on the ground, but how about experiencing sky cycling in Rishikesh? This not-so-common adventure activity in Rishikesh should be on your to-do list whenever you visit the city. Acclaimed among the best things to do in Uttarakhand with friends, especially in winter- this activity lets the kid inside you cycle on the strong harness extended in the air. Anyone can try these adventure sports, but there is an age limit for kids. Safety gear for this sport comprises a helmet and other relevant gear. Sky cycling in Rishikesh can be a thrilling experience for you as you will witness a view of snow-covered mountains and untouched greenery.

These and many other such adventure activities can make your trip to any city of Uttarakhand a memorable one. The state offers immense opportunities to explore various cities and lets the local dwellers earn a handsome amount to spend their livelihood. The state also offers immense chances to set up businesses that are related to tourism and can earn a good chunk of money out of it. For more info on the same, connect with The India Watch experts!  

Cruciality of Market Research Services for Hotel and Resort Businesses to Succeed

In the state of UK, numerous new opportunities are emerging across multiple tourism categories, which are not just limited to hotels and F&B sector. New opportunities will also unravel in other complementary segments such as meetings and conventions, naturopathy resorts, forest lodges, nature camps, etc.

Meanwhile, it is noteworthy that when we want to grow and expand our business in India, especially as a hotelier or a restaurant owner (or in any other segment related to hospitality & tourism) it is essential to understand the market even before we enter it. Without thought & knowledge of consumer demands, requirements, or needs can be a troublesome factor for you. Now, if you opt for market research and advisory services you will be benefited in the best way possible.

Market research will help to derive useful insights, valuable ideas, and data for businesses resulting in better decision-making. By availing of market research services, you can plan your growth, make strategic blueprints, obtain consumer and market-related information, and grab competitive knowledge while also checking the feasibility of new products and business ideas for the market.

When it comes to choosing the right research partner for your next tourism project in Uttarakhand or any other part of India, you can think of The India Watch. The research house has strong in-depth knowledge of the hospitality, tourism, and the F&B industry.

  • We have a ground presence in UK and understand the consumer’s requirements and needs. Thus, whatever research we do, is as per the nuances of the local market.

  • We have been in the business for many years, implying that we have a great experience that makes market research more fruitful. Our team has professional researchers and surveyors with a propensity to derive actionable and user-centric information & insights.

  • Other than that, we know the nuances of tourism in the UK from multiple viewpoints: customer, policy, supply lines, marketing & PR, operational, and much more. This enables us to offer granular insights to businesses, investors, and other hospitality and tourism chains looking for new ventures in the UK.
  • We also do market research, as per our client’s requirements and suggestions, i.e., we deliver custom surveys and research to them. It enables the client to learn about specific facts regarding their product and service from the consumer’s point of view.
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