Business Issue:-

It is noteworthy that GOI is preparing India to become a major hub in ISO container manufacturing. It is introducing a lucrative PLI scheme alongside a host of other initiatives. An ecosystem to support indigenous container manufacturing is developed in Bhavnagar in Gujarat, which already is one of the largest shipping recycling centers in the world. Under Maritime Vision 2030, GOI is investing heavily in shipping & port infrastructure.

Both local as well as international manufacturers have shown interest in investing in container manufacturing in India as there is a visible appetite from container railway companies, NVOCCs, shipping lines, leasing companies, truck lines, etc along the lucrative export market.

Looking at the inherent potential in the Indian market, the client which is a Russia-based quasi-government entity is mulling to set up an ISO container manufacturing business in India.

The Solution:-

The India Watch has been hired by the client to help prepare a detailed market study to help learn about the nuances of the industry and assist them in making informed business decisions. The following steps were taken by The India Watch to prepare the study.

  • Market/ Industry Analysis of ISO Containers Trade in India
  • Market Share Analysis of ISO Container Trade in India
  • Customer Assessment and market potential evaluation of Container Manufacturing in India
  • Competitive landscape and current supply-side information on Container Manufacturing in India
  • Policy and regulatory inputs of Container Manufacturing in India
  • Trend Analysis of Container Manufacturing in India
  • Consulted published research reports by industry bodies, government associations, annual reports, media reports, etc.
  • Conducted interviews with major stakeholders in the container industry, shipping lines, cargo rental companies, PSUs, etc.

Results :-

The current size of the ISO market in India is USD XX million, growing at a CAGR of YY% over the past 5 years. By 2027, the market is expected to cross USD ZZ million, growing at a CAGR of AA%. There will be an additional demand for BB hundred thousand ISO containers in India with major growth contributors comprising shipping lines, container railways, and NVOCC.

Based on the preliminary analysis, India’s market seems conducive to starting an ISO container manufacturing venture. CC% of the future demand will emanate from the container railways, with CONCOR leading the market demand. Close to ~ DD% of the demand will emanate from the shipping lines & leasing companies.

Currently, the global container market is managed by China. The country contributes close to 86% of the production of ISO containers internationally. Nevertheless, with the help of fiscal and non-fiscal initiatives, India can also become a formidable player.

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