Business Issue:-

The client is a celebrity-run leading lifestyle brand offering a wide range of products spanning nutrition, gym gear, accessories, apparel, footwear, etc. It is exploring expansion in other product categories such as peanut butter and protein bars. As an innovative company, it wants to introduce product lines in India that match the taste of Indian youths and help them lead a productive and healthy lifestyle.

Meanwhile, it also understands the competitive nature of the market. Recent years have seen a proliferation in health, fitness, and lifestyle-related ventures in India. Hence the client wants to carefully scrutinize the market and test the viability of entering new product categories (Peanut butter & protein bar), before committing any substantive capital.

The Solution:-

The India Watch has devised a comprehensive strategy comprising pan-India market surveys, F2F qualitative interviews, and a detailed market analysis.

  • Pan India quantitative surveys to gauge consumer perception, need & want analysis, brand positioning, competition benchmarking, key success factors, etc.
  • Survey reach- NCR (30%), Mumbai & Pune (25%), Bangalore (15%), Hyderabad (20%), Ahmedabad (10%)
  • Gender break-up (M:F- 65%:35%), age group: 20-40
  • 20 additional F2F qualitative interviews were conducted with gym goers, gym instructors, retailers, etc.
  • Qualitative interviews were designed to get further deep insights into consumer psychology, evaluate gaps in the market, learn more about consumer expectations from the products, etc.
  • Survey & F2F interviews were followed by an in-depth market analysis report

Results :-

The research has offered some valuable insight. It has shown the Indian market is conducive to new product categories such as peanut butter and protein bars, as consumers are becoming well aware of fitness and leading a healthy lifestyle. There is a visible willingness to pay extra for health and lifestyle. Respondents like peanut butter for its richness & versatility and is believed to be a healthy alternative to normal snacks. Similarly, protein bars are a convenient source of nutrition as are used for pre-workout, post-workout, and general snacking.

Moreover, the client enjoys a strong positioning among respondents and is known for its trendy fitness & fashion products. This is an added advantage. The client was satisfied with the overall research inputs and the reports and is working on the subsequent steps.

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