How to Develop the Best Market Entry Strategy?

Undoubtedly, moving across new territories in the globe is a lucrative proposition. It unlocks new business opportunities and opens revenue streams. In a time, when the world is becoming globalized, missing out on the international markets can affect the overall revenue and growth potential.  

However, entering a new market is far from easy. If a company would not adopt a proper entry strategy, then the business might fail to take off. 


For instance, Uber is more profitable in countries like the US than in Japan and other Asian economies. It couldn't experience growth in Asian countries as it might in North American countries. It might be because of the poor market entry strategy the brand had. Even though the notion of market entry strategies may seem workable on paper, often, its execution turns out to be a bit tough. To successfully curate the best market entry strategy, one must follow the vital criteria for developing the right market entry approach. 


Below, we at The India Watch have shared such winning strategies-


1. Market Size and Growth Potential: To be profitable in the new market, you must have a thorough knowledge of its functioning. Getting the right market fit includes many market evaluations and its topography on whether there's a requirement for your contribution and growth. So it is essential to know the market size and its capability to aid your business to succeed in the market. Also, there should be ample insights into the future demand, growth potential, and market growth rates. 


2. Understand the Pricing: After learning about the market, it's vital to acknowledge the target audience and pricing aspect. You must have the right data to curate the monetary choices to give you the correct upper hand over your competitors. A competitive depicting exercise will give details of the marketplace, market promotion, and consumer sense of competitors' products and services. Quantitative and qualitative data are used to offer an exact interpretation of the range of prices to relent positive results.


3. Evaluate Entry Options: Setting foot in the market is affected by numerous internal and external elements such as the kind of industry, government policies & regulations, state of infrastructure, theoretical property rights, etc. So, it's always great to examine the earlier market entries in that topography and its case studies. Learning from bygone faults and recognizing their perils can aid locate a new market and verify its viability. It can also help in evaluating a go and no-go decision. One should keep in mind, no matter how good and immaculate the strategy is, if the market is not conducive, then the entrance is bound to fail. 


4. Spot the Right Business Partner: To attain positive results in the market, one must need assistance from people who know the local area and can give results within a specific time. Evaluating the correct distributor, suppliers, marketing agencies, and investors can aid you to understand that you have been linked with the correct partner, a crucial part of the market strategy. Likewise, you also need support in terms of marketing, communication, PR, etc and hence should always bring on board, the right partner. 


5. Product Launch: Consumers remember the product they think is more beneficial and much required. So it's crucial to pick the correct product that vibes and feeds the consumer’s desire leading to an innovative selling proposal. Some factors incorporate market requirements, competition level, product uniqueness, and cost-effectiveness.


So, if you are an international venture and especially looking to venture in the Indian market, you can reach out to The India Watch, your go-to partner for your India market entry plan. 




At The India Watch, we can help you with the following 

  • Tailor-made market research and business insights services for international investors, business enterprises, trade  promotion bodies, start-ups, etc. to facilitate their smooth entry into the Indian market.
  • Prepare feasibility reports for new business ideas, projects, and product launch in the Indian market.
  • Prepare a detailed entry roadmap for the Indian market.
  • Like the feasibility report, we can help with other related research such as business plans, corporate deck, investor pitch,  etc.
  • Conduct qualitative and quantitative research to assess consumer profiles, behaviors, etc.
  • We can help with secondary and desk research.
  • We can help in partner identification in India: vendors, distributors, raw material suppliers, etc.
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