Decoding the India Watch Business Research Advisory Services

The India Watch offers value driven business research, market & strategic intelligence, and bespoke data advisory. As an information and knowledge service provider we work with a wide range of enterprises, which includes MNCs, mid-sized businesses, sovereign agencies, trade promotion agencies, industry bodies, start-ups, etc. We also work closely with private equity houses, VCs, and other investors who are looking to make investment decision in India. Through our cutting edge knowledge services, we help investors make informed decisions and mitigate their risk.

There is no dearth of knowledge service providers in India. However, what sets us apart is that we are completely tuned to the Indian market and economy. We closely monitor the Indian economy and business and keep a close pulse of a wide range of sectors & business categories. This gives us a competitive edge over other knowledge and information advisory. Our multi-sector expertise also helps us to know the entire ecosystem in depth and offer truly value-added service to our clients. 

To summarize, the overall scope of Business Research Services by the India Watch can be summed below 

  • Offering actionable insights and perspectives on Indian market
  • Custom market intelligence services
  • Tailor made information, data, and research 
  • Preparing strategic blueprint to grow and evolve in India
  • Incisive analysis on markets/ industry/ competition
  • Policy inputs and macroeconomic insights

    The Range of service(s) offered under the India Watch Business Research Advisory

Mentioned below are the business research services offered by the India Watch 

  • Industry research: Industry research/ industry analysis/ industry sizing/ growth forecasting/ industry trends assessment

  • Competitive intelligence: Competitive insights/ competition benchmarking/market share analysis

  • Consumer research: customer assessment/ customer behavior analysis/ target customer assessment/ customer segmentation analysis/ ideal consumer profiling/ customer loyalty research/ advertising research

  • Policy Research: Regulatory & Policy Research/ Policy briefs/ Economic analysis & research/ custom regulatory inputs

  • Other Services & Supports: Financial planning/ financial model formation/ vendor & distributor identification/ company registration support/ Thought leadership/ Public relationship/ Content marketing support.

What all sectors are covered in the India Watch Business Research Services?

The following sectors are covered under the Business Research advisory services by India watch 

Retail Sector: Hypermarkets & super market chains/ F&B companies/ e-commerce companies/ Investors & PE entities/ Retail associations/ 

Healthcare Sector: Hospital chains/ diagnostic chains/ pharma e-retail/ health & wellness companies/ public sector & social welfare organization/ Healthcare Investors & PE entities 

Manufacturing Sector: Defense/ cement & construction materials/ clothing & apparel/ machineries/ consumer electronics/ mining/ plastic/ pharma & nutrition 

Agribusiness Sector: Food processing companies/ trade associations/ govt. associations & industry bodies/ cooperative & NGOs/ Fertilizer companies/ warehouses & cold storages

Infrastructure Sector: Real Estate/ CRE/ power & utilities/ mass transit systems/ aviation/ infrastructure investment funds

Technology Sector: Digital consumer industry/ edutech/ healthtech/ ICT/ TMT/ data & analytics/ fintech/ VC firms/ PE Investors

The Client Engagement Models @ theindiawatch

At The India Watch, there are primarily 3 models for client engagement

Retainer Model: In this model, the client can hire India watch as a business research partner. The India watch offers data, insights, and perspectives across a set of parameters (mostly predefined) to the client. The minimum tenure for engagement is 6 months.

Services are rendered weekly or fortnightly. The mode of information dissemination is presentation generally. 

This model is suitable for large MNCs, mid-sized enterprises, funded start-ups, holding companies etc. International embassies, trade consuls, trade promotion agencies, which are constantly scouting opportunities in the Indian market can also make use such an engagement for their long term benefits. 

Custom Research Model: This is also a popular client engagement model wherein India watch can be hired one time to offer in-depth and incisive inputs, research, and data as per the clients’ requirement and business objectives. 

Investors, VCs, wealth funds, etc. generally opt such an engagement. Corporates and businesses can also look into such model, subject to their business objective. Information is provided generally in the form of a guide or a report. 

One time advisory: We also work on short term data and information assignment. The information is produced in the form of document or excel. Generally SMBs, trading companies, individual entrepreneurs for such model. 

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