How will the Jewar Airport Unlock New Business Opportunities in the Yamuna Expressway Region?

Yamuna Expressway is a 165 km long 6-lane road connecting Greater Noida and Agra region. The road is counted amongst the largest expressways in India and has cut down the commute time b/w Greater Noida and Agra to 90 Mins. The Yamuna Expressway merges the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway with the Agra Ring Road. Further, it will merge with other major urban centers nearby including Rohtak, Gurugram, Manesar, and Sonipat in Haryana and Hapur, Meerut, and Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh. In future it will be linked to other major North Indian cities such as Kanpur, Gwalior, and Lucknow. It has been announced to add two new lanes across the Yamuna Expressway thereby further enhancing its importance. 


Across the Yamuna expressway, in the Gautam Buddha Nagar, the largest airport in India is taking shape. The Jewar airport or the Noida International Airport (NIA) as it is officially called is set to start operating from the end of 2024 managing a total of 12 million passengers yearly. The NIA will be fully developed by 2040-50 and will manage a total of 70 million passengers. The overall project is spread across a mammoth 6200 hectares. 

The Yamuna Expressway is also home to India’s very own Formula 1 circuit. A multipurpose stadium, tennis court, and cricket stadium are amidst the other proposed facilities around the expressway. The airport will be linked to the multi-modal logistic hub at Dadri, which is a part of the upcoming Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor. This is likely to empower the Yamuna Expressway’s warehouse, manufacturing, and logistic capabilities. 


Numerous companies from the USA, Japan, Korea, etc., are setting up business and manufacturing capabilities near the Jewar Airport, beside the Yamuna Expressway. The government is also mulling a 37 km direct metro line b/w the NIA and New Delhi. This will make many households in Delhi, opt for the Jewar or the NIA airport rather than the existing international airport near Gurgaon. 


A 500-acre central business district has also been proposed, whereas work is underway to develop dedicated manufacturing business parks for medical devices, textiles, electronic appliances. 


New Business Opportunities will emerge near Jewar Airport 


During the past few years, the requirement for industrial properties and plots has grown in Noida/Greater Noida. Numerous industries such as textile, consumer durables, handicraft, healthcare, smart phones, electronic appliances, etc. are thriving in the Noida/ Greater Noida region. 


Meanwhile, after the advent of the Jewar airport, Yamuna Expressway is also becoming a viable option for upcoming manufacturers, warehouse operators, retail businesses, etc.

Industry experts are bullish about the final perspective of the region and they are citing the instance of Gurugram, where real estate, manufacturing, and commercial activities evolved very quickly following the IGI airport

As airport project has taken off, it will soon accelerate investments into hotels, offices, malls, business parks, logistic & industrial parks, etc. Once people will begin to move in, it is quite likely that more job opportunities will be curated in the neighborhood, thereby giving a positive thrust to the overall growth and development. Infrastructure development and surge in job market will feed into each other. This will further unlock new business opportunities. Another inherent benefit of the Jewar is the low rental and leasing costs in compared to other parts of Noida and Greater Noida. Although, going forward the rates will jump yet for the time being it will be an affordable option to capitalize. 


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