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Gurgaon was once a satellite town of Delhi. However, in the last 2 decades, the city has made commendable progress and is touted as one of the largest commercial centers in India. In fact, after the Mumbai Metropolitan region, Gurgaon, or Gurugram as it is called nowadays is the second largest business hub. 


It is also the 2nd largest IT and technology destination and the 3rd largest financial center in India. Gurgaon has also made a mark on the global medical tourism map and is one of the favorite destinations for such tourists. It is boastful of a wide range of world class health care centers such as Medanta, Max, CK Birla, Fortis, and much more. 


The city, which is located in South West of Delhi at a distance of 30 Kms, has received a total investment of USD 2.71 billion in FY 22. Flipkart, the Indian homegrown e-commerce giant is setting up its biggest center in Gurgaon. 


In the near future, Gurgaon’s economy will continue to make rapid progress. The fact that is seamlessly integrated with the Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor, will also be a growth multiplier. 


The city is also party to a growing concentration of start-ups and many believe in the near future, Gurgaon will give stiff competition to Bangalore and Hyderabad in luring new start-ups. Numerous large-scale start-ups have been incubated in Gurugram which include but are not limited to Urban Clap, Make My Trip, Rivigo, Paper Boat, Ship Rocket, etc. 


Feasibility study services in Gurgaon  

Gurgaon’s status as a bustling technology, manufacturing, financial, and start-up hub also connotes the pressing need for quality feasibility study and business plan services. 


Businesses and investors continue to look out to commence new ventures in the city, as it is believed to be an ideal ground to test new ideas. Likewise, the vast portion of the existing enterprises keeps mulling about launching new business verticals, starting new product lines, and working on innovative project ideas. 


This meanwhile requires immaculate & insightful feasibility study analysis services that can help businesses and investors to test their ideas in the Gurgaon market. 


For the ones who are uninitiated, a feasibility study service or feasibility analysis is conducted by business owners/ investors/ other key stakeholders to test a business idea/product strategy/ new project, etc. It is generally conducted prior to formal business plan formation. An insightful feasibility analysis will render prudent data & perspectives on whether to go ahead with a new business/ product/ project. This can help in saving and optimizing a lot of time and financial resources, as well as mitigate future risks. 


Feasibility Study Services has six steps:

· Preliminary Analysis

· Markey Study/ Market Survey

· Operational & Legal Feasibility

· Economic Feasibility

· Financial Modelling

· Presentation & Reports

The India Watch- Gurgaon’s Leading Feasibility Study Consultant 

The India Watch or TIW is among the prominent market research and Feasibility study advisories in India with ground presence in Gurgaon. The company works with a wide range of clients which includes global business entering India, India-based enterprises, start-ups, PE Investors, government agencies, and much more. 


They offer feasibility analysis services to national and international companies who want to enter, expand, or grow their business in India. The Feasibility Study Analysis offered by The India Watch helps business owners and entrepreneurs to understand if it will be a good move to go ahead with their business/ investment idea. 


The India Watch works across the following sectors



  • Manufacturing sector
  • ICT sector
  • Retail sector
  • Healthcare sector
  • Infrastructure sector
  • Real Estate sector 
  • Agribusiness & food
  • Energy sector 
  • Education 
  • E-commerce and digital consumer 
  • Defense sector 


All the businesses that are in these sectors have benefitted from The India Watch services. Choosing the company as your feasibility study consultant will be a great help for your business or startup’s future objectives. 


Besides Feasibility study analysis, TIW also offers custom market research and business research solutions. Availing off TIW’s aid, you can-


  1. Grab India-focused survey results and the consumer’s real-time choice.
  2. Avail of tailor-made services as per your requirement and needs.
  3. Be benefitted from The India Watch’s multi-sector knowledge that understands the entire ecosystem.
  4. Get actionable insights that aid businesses to make informed decisions.


For any feasibility study service or any other service(s) such as Market research and business research contact them by dropping a mail at 

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