Business Issue:-

The hospitality arm of a leading tech company is planning to start an ultra-premium rooftop lounge in Gurgaon with a seating capacity of 500. The 3-floor lounge will be one of its kind in India, drawing parallels with other luxury rooftop bars and lounges internationally. It will have immersive visual experiences, digital facades, and AI technologies to enhance customer experience.

However, before making a massive investment, the clients want to know how feasible it is to start a rooftop lounge that combines luxury, technology, and global culinary experiences. Has the market in Gurgaon, evolved enough to accept and embrace such an idea? They require incisive information inputs across various factors including customer preferences, perceptions, driving factors, average pocket spends, market gap, etc.

The Solution:-

The India Watch has been hired by the client to help prepare a detailed market study to evaluate the feasibility of opening a premium rooftop lounge in Golf Course Road, Gurgaon. The India Watch offered the following solutions

  • Conduct a detailed market analysis of the F&B and PBCL business in Gurgaon.
  • Conduct demand forecasting for the potential business.
  • Conduct multiple F2F interviews with the TG (HNIs, start-up owners, corporate honchos, etc) to gain deeper insights into customer psychology.
  • Conduct interviews with stakeholders such as F&B business owners, investors, suppliers, etc.
  • Gain actionable insights on competition, marketing, and consumer acquisition strategy.
  • Enumerate potential cost components and prepare financial analysis

Results :-

Gurgaon has a strong party culture and people are open to trying new concepts and ideas and pay a premium for the same. The F&B segment has been growing at a staggering pace in the city.

As a location as well, GCR offers a favorable environment to start a premium rooftop bar. GCR is amongst the most sought-after residential and commercial hubs in NCR. The 8 km long road has luxury apartments, office complexes, 5-star hotels, and much more. Besides business professionals and entrepreneurs, GCR is also preferred by the growing expat population of Gurgaon.

Within a 3 km radius of the proposed site, there are more than 10 hotels, 6 shopping malls, 5930 premium residential units, and a slew of operational commercial spaces.

The competition is stiff in GCR with 70+ F&B. However, there is hardly any rooftop bar and lounge, which is a great advantage. Hitherto the market has seen a limited number of concept—based restaurants and lounges and hence there is ample headspace to successfully run a premium lounge bar.

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