Why Investing in a medical service apartment is a lucrative option in Gurgaon

Backed by robust demand, investing in a service apartment residency in Gurugram can be a great chance to make business while people choose your space to stay till their treatment goes. These apartments can be equipped with all modern amenities for a better chance of getting rented. And choosing a location to build such a project from where the hospitals and other basic facilities are easily accessible is a further advantage. 

After all medical service apartments in Gurugram over hotels are the right choice one can make. Knowing the fact that treatment of any major disease costs lakhs (or even crores of rupees). So, to help such patients with a much more comfortable stay that also happens to be pocket-friendly, the medical-serviced apartment is becoming a thriving business. 

These apartments are loaded with a geyser, kitchen, AC, balcony, Wi-Fi, etc. One can rent such an apartment for a couple of days to a couple of months. The rent of these apartments is comparatively less than one’s stay in a hotel. Plus, one can avail of all the home-like facilities in these places. 

India is one of the biggest markets for medical tourism. It features in the list of top 10 medical tourist destinations in the world, giving stiff competition to the UK, Spain, UAE, etc. In 2019, before the outbreak of the crisis, a little less than 700,000 tourists visited India. 

Gurgaon with a world-class medical care facility and a vibrant cosmopolitan lifestyle is at the centre of India’s blooming medical tourism industry. It is home to a wide range of multispecialty hospitals (~ 35) such as Max, Medanta, Fortis, Paras, C.K Birla, Artemis, etc. It is conveniently linked with the IGI airport in New Delhi. There are plenty of shopping malls, cafes, high streets, multiplexes, etc. in Gurgaon ensuring a comfortable stay for the patients and their family members. 

Consequently, Gurgaon is becoming a bustling ground for the medical tourism business. Patients come from different parts of the world such as Afghanistan, Central Asia, the Middle East, Africa, South East Asia, etc. to avail of top-notch healthcare services. Popular healthcare services for medical tourists include but are not limited to Orthopaedic, Gynaecology, Transplantation, Childcare, Surgery, Cardiology, etc. Meanwhile, Gurgaon is also witnessing accelerated growth in other categories such as alternative medicine, skin care, dental care, cosmetic surgery etc. 

Benefits of serviced apartments

As Gurgaon is gaining momentum as a medical tourist destination, the demand for serviced apartments is also increasing. There are many benefits associated with opting for a serviced apartment rather than a conventional hotel. As medical tourism often requires long stays, patients and their family members prefer serviced apartments. 

  1. Many serviced apartments are located near popular hospitals and healthcare centers. They have patient-enabled washrooms and personal kitchen spaces to give comfort to the residents. 
  2. They are managed professionally, are hygienic, and equipped with top-class housekeeping services. They have specialized services such as laundry, travel booking, cabs, etc. to give the residents complete comfort. 
  3. Food is a major area of concern for international medical tourists. Hence, many serviced apartments offer customized food options. It is very common to find service apartments with Afghan, Arabic, Asian cuisines in Gurgaon. 
  4. There are gyms and a few other basic entertainments and sports facilities so that the other family members can take care of themselves.  

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