Business Research & Advisory

  • Industry/ Market Analysis
  • Regulatory Insights
  • Market Size & Growth Forecast
  • Market Share & Segmentation
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Distribution Structure Analysis
  • Competition & Vendor Intelligence
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Scenario Planning
  • Data Analytics
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Business Research & Advisory

Best Business Research & Advisory Services

We can be your spoke for research, strategic intelligence, and knowledge services. Working as a back office for you, we can offer key information, insights, & perspectives on the Indian market. Our in-depth research can help larger organizations, mid-sized enterprises, and sovereign entities to scrutinize the current trends and accordingly make effective decisions. We can also work on bespoke research and data requirements.

Our Business Research and Advisory Services

As a knowledge and research partner, we can offer a range of services for Indigenous and international businesses to grow and scale up in India.

  • Information & Knowledge Services
  • Strategic & Market Intelligence
  • KPI Benchmarking
  • Value Chain Optimization
  • Opportunity/ Tender Assessment
  • Bespoke Research & Data Advisory
business research and advisory service

What are Business Research Services?

Business research services offer actionable insights, data, and value-driven perspectives, to clients to help them make better decision making. Through tailor-made data and insights, business research services can help clients in growth planning, prepare strategic blueprints, gain competitive intelligence, acquire market and customer-related information, and test the viability of new products and ideas in the market.

Why Availing Business Research Services are Important in India for foreign-based companies?

India is one of the bright spots in the global economy. India’s huge population, uprising middle class, evolving consumer preferences coupled with simplified FDI policies and marked improvement in an overall business environment make India a favored place to do and run business.

It features high up on the radar of global enterprises, private equity players, trade promotion associations. The country is slated to become one of the growth engines of global economic progress. In a post -covid world, when businesses and enterprises are looking for a China+1 strategy, India’s significance will further increase.

However, India is also a complex and multifaceted market and economy. To succeed in India, businesses and enterprises require access to valuable data, actionable insights, strategic know-how. This is where Business Research Advisories come into play, as they can help enterprises navigate through the nuances of the Indian market, economy, and business and make informed decisions.

Are Business Research Advisory Services only for International Companies to grow in India? Should Indian companies also hire business research advisory?

In addition to international enterprises looking to expand into the Indian market, indigenous companies, family offices, and upcoming start-ups should hire the service of a business research advisory to get access to valuable data, information, and knowledge.

Hiring a business research advisory can help in gaining a tremendous amount of data on market size and growth, customer profiles & consumer behavior, market segments, regulatory and policy framework, and much more. This will help domestic businesses to make informed business decisions, gain a competitive advantage, and increase their market share.

As a Business Research Consultancy, how The India Watch helps its client to grow and evolve in the Indian market?

The India Watch offers business research and consulting services across a range of Indian industries and markets. We work with big enterprises, SMEs, start-ups, institutional investors, industry associations, etc to render valuable data, knowledge, and insights. Our business research solution can help our clients to plan better growth strategies, finetune their marketing campaigns, make better financial projections, and optimize their supply chain.

While there is no dearth of knowledge service companies and research agencies, most of them operate across a wide range of geographies and economies. In contrast, The India Watch is completely focused on the Indian market and economy and so we have a better understanding of how to succeed in India. Our granular insights on the Indian market and economy can help companies gain a competitive edge and expand their market share significantly.

We have multi-sector expertise, which further helps us to accurately understand the entire value chain and identify the growth trends. We also customize our business research solutions subject to the requirement, budgets, and timelines of the clients.

What are the various client engagement models @ The India Watch Business Research Advisory?

At The India Watch, we offer numerous client engagement models, tailor-made to the specific requirements of our clients.

In the custom business research model, we offer deeper, wider, and broader research and insights on the target industry and markets. Prepared in the form of a market guide/ data-backed report, our custom research solution can help or clients formulate long-term growth strategies alongside gaining a tremendous amount of tactical know-how.

In a retainer-based model, we work as research partners for our clients and offer data and insights across a host of predefined metrics and parameters. This research is produced in the form of a weekly/ fortnight/ monthly deck. The retainer model ensures a constant and seamless supply of valuable information, data, and insights to the clients.

We also work on short-term on-demand data and information assignments. Such assignments are prepared generally in the form of an excel sheet. Such engagements are cost-effective and enable clients to address specific data challenges.

Range of Industries

Why The India Watch

India Focused: We are completely focused on India, one of the fastest-growing emerging economies in the world.

Custom Solutions: Our research solutions are attuned to clients’ individual needs, budgets, and strategic objectives.

Multi-Sector Expertise: Our multi-sector knowledge does not limit us to the industry in focus but enables us to understand the entire ecosystem

Actionable Insights: Our research and data services render actionable insights to help businesses make informed decisions.

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