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Market Research

Market Research Services

If you are an international or domestic entity & looking to enter, grow, or evolve in the dynamic Indian market, we can offer you customized Market Research Solutions. We know the nuances of the Indian market & can help you design & execute various kinds of quantitative, qualitative, & secondary research. Our research can render actionable insights on target segments, customer assessment, market size & growth, competition, distribution structure, growth strategy, regulatory framework, risk evaluation, & much more

Our Market Research Services

We have the capabilities to conduct in-depth market research studies across the length and breadth of India spanning numerous industry verticals.

  • Market Surveys (Online| F2F)
  • Qualitative Interviews (F2F, Telephonic & CATI)
  • Focus Group Interviews
  • Triangulation Market Research- Surveys & Interviews
  • Data Analytics & API
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Observations
  • Secondary Research

What is the importance of Market Research Services?

Robust market research is a prerequisite to successfully entering a new market/launching a new product/ expand the existing market share. Market research can help learn about market size, market growth drivers, market demand, etc. Likewise, Market research can help in building effective customer segments based on income group, geography, behavioral mechanisms, and demography.

Similarly, market research can unveil a lot about consumer psychology and understand the product/ brand positioning amongst the intended target audience. During a new product launch, market research can help in uncovering the needs and wants of consumers and identify the missing attribute of the current offering. This can help marketers and product managers significantly improvise on their product and service offerings.

Post pandemic, Why Marketing Research Consulting is becoming more critical?

Although economies around the world are rebounding after the pandemic, there is an increased amount of uncertainties and risks in the market. Prudent market research can render a lot of useful insights, data, and perspectives to help business owners make informed decisions, mitigate risk and safeguard their investment.

Before starting a new venture or launching a new product, investors and business owners should conduct market research to access the overall potential in the market and identify possible opportunities. Conducting feedback research on an existing product and service can help in enhancing the product/ service offering.

Similarly, building effective customer profiles can help in optimizing marketing spending and help in effective channel selection.

What should be the approach to an effective Market Research Service in India?

India is a vast market & economy with tremendous opportunities for businesses to grow and flourish. It is one of the fastest-growing large economies in the world marked by a powerful and expansive consumer class. In the next 10 years, the Indian consumer market is set to reach USD 6 trillion.

The growth in the Indian consumer economy has been backed by strong structural fundamentals. The Indian middle-income households are growing at a staggering pace, whereas large portions of Indian households have come out of poverty in recent years. The pandemic has also added a layer to Indian consumerism, by enabling millions of Indians to adopt internet consumer space every day.

However, India is a complex market and is far from being heterogeneous. To successfully grow and evolve in India, businesses will require deep knowledge and understanding of the Indian consumers- buying behavior, needs & wants, expectations, etc. Such data can be provided with the help of market research. Hence market research is important.

What is The India Watch Market Research Consulting Practice?

The India Watch adopts a comprehensive market research consulting practice blurring the lines between traditional market research and data-backed strategy consulting. Our market research consulting practice is not just limited to offering exhaustive insights and data on the Indian consumer psychology and brand positioning guidelines but helps businesses to test the viability of a business/product idea and prepare an in-depth roadmap for the new launch. At The India Watch, we integrate rigorous data collection research with incisive secondary analyses and consultative practices to offer useful insights to our clients.

Range of Industries

Why The India Watch

India Focused: We are completely focused on India, one of the fastest-growing emerging economies in the world.

Custom Solutions: Our research solutions are attuned to clients’ individual needs, budgets, and strategic objectives.

Multi-Sector Expertise: Our multi-sector knowledge does not limit us to the industry in focus but enables us to understand the entire ecosystem

Actionable Insights: Our research and data services render actionable insights to help businesses make informed decisions.

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