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  • Market Insights
  • Customer Assessment
  • Regulatory Information
  • Tender Tracking
  • Business Matchmaking
  • Company Incorporation
  • Business Planning
  • Growth Planning
  • Financial Planning
  • Marketing & Sales Strategy
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India Market Entry Services

If you are an international business and/ or investor planning to enter the Indian market/set up a manufacturing unit/ establish a trade office/ contemplating a JV or investment in an Indian business; our India Market Entry services can help you make informed decisions. Our Market Entry practice encapsulates a host of services which includes but is not limited to market intelligence, business/ project feasibility report, customer assessment, trade delegation support, due diligence, B2B matchmaking, company registration support, & much more.

Our India Market Entry Services

We follow a systematic and phased approach to help international enterprises successfully establish, grow, and evolve in the Indian market.

  • Market Research
  • Feasibility Services
  • Due Diligence
  • Opportunity Assessment
  • B2B Matchmaking
  • Company Formation Support
  • Location & Vendor Identification
  • Marketing & Communication Plan
  • Trade Delegation Support

What is Market Entry Consulting?

In today’s interconnected globalized economy, enterprises do not just wish to restrict themselves to home markets. They are continuously moving out to new markets and economies to fuel their growth and boost their profitability.

Besides scouting new markets, larger manufacturing companies are also diversifying their supply chain and sourcing strategy. The trend is further becoming popular in a post-covid world, as organizations don’t rely on just one market and diversify to mitigate risk.

However, entry into a new market also requires accurate insights and reliable data on a host of things, which includes but is not limited to market size & potential, customer segments, competition, channel strategy, regulations, company incorporation procedures, etc.

This is where the role of a Market Entry Consultancy comes. It offers the required insights, data, and execution support to help international companies enter a new market and develop their business.

Why International businesses and investors are eyeing India's Market Entry?

India is one of the most attractive markets in the globe to do business. It is the fastest-growing major economy in the world. The economy is consumption driven marked by large aggregate demand, evolving consumer preferences, and a surge in disposable income.

There are plenty of opportunities in infrastructure, manufacturing industry, IT & technology, consumer internet, fintech, healthcare, logistics, etc. Hence, increasingly businesses, investors, and trade promotion agencies are looking out to enter the Indian market.

India has also improved its business environment and simplified its FDI rules in a phased manner in recent years, which further makes it a great destination to start and run a business. It offers one of the lowest rates of corporate tax in the South Asia region and there are plenty of concessions, subsidies, and discounts available for new businesses (Corporate tax in India is 15% for new businesses). GOI under the flagship of the Make in India and Aatm Nirbhar also offers multibillion-dollar Production Linked Incentive in a host of sectors such as pharma, semiconductors, electronic appliances, food, textile, etc.

Why do New Businesses need bespoke India Market Entry Consulting Services?

India is an attractive and high-potential market to build a profitable business. Nevertheless, India is also a vast, diverse, and complex market. There is a lot of diversity in terms of culture, linguistics, income levels, and demographic profile. The regulatory compliances also vary from one state to another (There are 28 states alongside 8 union territories.)

Hence to successfully navigate through the complex Indian market, it is generally advisable to get help from a professional Market Entry Consulting in India. Hiring the services of a market entry consultancy will also help businesses to focus on their key business and offerings and let the consultancy take care of the rest.

How The India Watch helps investors and businesses with India Market Entry Consultancy?

The India Watch offers India market entry services to international enterprises looking to enter, grow, and evolve in the Indian market. We prepare the strategic blueprint for international entities which consists of valuable & reliable data and incisive analysis and know-how. Our blueprint can be seamlessly executed and enable enterprises to make successful entry and initiate the business development process in India.

Our blueprint comprises regulatory/ policy inputs, market size, and growth forecasting, potential assessment, competitive intelligence, customer assessment & consumer research, customer segmentation, pricing strategy, regulatory inputs, etc. However, our services do not just end in preparing the inputs. We also help our clients with a host of other services such as company registration, vendor & distributor identification, setting up initial business meetings, marketing and communication support, etc to help them start fast in the Indian market.

What is India Watch India Market Entry Consulting Practice?

The India Watch Market Entry Consulting Practice comprises a host of tailor-made research, assistance, and consulting services for discerning investors, enterprises, retailers, and trade associations looking to explore, enter, and expand in India.

  • Market insights and information services to learn about industry size, growth trends, competition, distribution structure, retail network, etc in India
  • Market research and consumer research services to help new entrants find the Ideal Consumer Profile for their product/ service in India
  • Research to evaluate sector-specific regulations, policies, etc
  • Opportunity assessment, tender tracking services
  • Business matchmaking services to identify, distributors, channel partners, logistic partners, vendors, in India.
  • Assisting in company incorporation, company registration, mandatory licensing, etc alongside finding the right location for office, manufacturing plant, etc
  • Feasibility services, business plan formation, and custom growth plan consultation services
  • Marketing and promotional services with a focus on key areas such as media relationships, public relationships, content marketing, digital marketing, SEO, etc.

Range of Industries

Why The India Watch

India Focused: We are completely focused on India, one of the fastest-growing emerging economies in the world.

Custom Solutions: Our research solutions are attuned to clients’ individual needs, budgets, and strategic objectives.

Multi-Sector Expertise: Our multi-sector knowledge does not limit us to the industry in focus but enables us to understand the entire ecosystem

Actionable Insights: Our research and data services render actionable insights to help businesses make informed decisions.

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