Why is Gurgaon One of the Best Places to Start a Food Franchise Business in India?

Gurgaon is a rapidly growing city, and from once being an outpost in New Delhi, today it is one of the largest IT & financial hubs in India. Gurgaon has become one of the top business hubs of the nation, where skyscrapers, luxurious residential colonies, extinguished malls, etc., are quite common.

In fact, the city has close to ~ 90 operating malls. Likewise, it is home to a wide range of food-cum-retail junctions such as sec-29, Huda markets, Vyapar Kendra, Cyber hub, Bani Square, Good earth city center, DLF super mart (1 & 2), Qutub Plaza, etc.

Gurgaon’s economic fortunes, the extensive footprint of modern retail, cosmopolitan appeal, and growth in disposable income naturally make it a fertile ground for food & beverage business, restaurants, PBCLs, QSRs, etc.

As per the research by The India Watch, Gurgaon has a total of 5197 restaurants & organized food outlets. (The total number of F&B outlets in Gurgaon is around 14,000 which also includes food carts, local eateries, small-time cafes, snack shops, etc.)

Though starting a restaurant business from scratch is always a great idea, it is noteworthy that to successfully run a restaurant business in a place like Gurgaon, which has intense competition requires a lot of effort in setting up, food quality, marketing & promotion, etc. Similarly to run a food business, it is important to maintain consistency in terms of taste and quality. Not doing so can be detrimental in the longer run.

Another viable option can be to take the franchise of a renowned brand. Gurgaon already has numerous franchise outlets of successful international eatery brands like Mcdonald's, KFC, Domino’s, Nandos, Subway, Starbucks, etc. Likewise, it has numerous successful franchise outlets of successful Indian food ventures, casual dining, ice cream parlors, etc such as Haldiram, Bikanervala, Sagar Ratna, Narula, Café coffee day, Giani, etc.

There are numerous benefits of starting a franchise business in Gurgaon

  1. A Preowned Name- When you take a franchise of an already established brand, people believe in your services and the quality of food you will deliver. The franchise of a food joint like Domino’s, MacD, KFC, Haldriram, Sagar Ratna etc., brings you a footfall on the brand name. You will not require to prove your worth just maintain good customer behavior and experience.
  1. Good Incentives- These franchises not only get you a good income but also give you certain goals, on completion of which you can earn great incentives. These franchises give great margins on the product sold, and people already know what will cost what so you need to cross-cut on anything to maintain the company standard.
  1. Great Location Implies Best Earnings- Just make sure that the location that you choose for your takeaway joint is quite visible to anyone. A prime location like in a mall, outside or inside a skyscraper office building, inside a SCO or shopping complex, etc., is the most suitable place for opening a takeaway franchise in Gurgaon.

All these aspects make the franchise in Gurgaon a hit. Moreover,

  • People in GGN are always in a hurry and prefer to go with known brands.
  • A franchise gives people an idea about the available options, which results in quick delivery of their order.
  • Weekends in this IT hub are synonymous with eating out or partying with friends or even family, and such a franchise gives people the leverage to do so efficiently.

All these factors make any franchise business be it a takeaway one or a proper restaurant-type seating, a lucrative option in Gurgaon. So, if you are thinking of opening up such a business, then you must go ahead. But, if the thought is still perplexing for you, then The India Watch team have all the surveys and research done of this market. You can connect with us for any sort of business advisory or consultation that can help you make an informed business decision.

How The India Watch can Help F&B Companies?  

The India Watch is a custom business researchfeasibility study, and consulting company, with headquarters in Gurgaon. Restaurant owners, food entrepreneurs, franchise owners, investors, PE players, international food brands, etc. can get in touch with us for tailor-made research and consulting services.

  • Feasibility services
  • Tailor-made surveys
  • Restaurant set-up and facilitation
  • Custom market intelligence and business information

For any further assistance, you can get in touch with us by dropping a mail at info@theindiawatch.com

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